26 January 2018

Is there anything called ‘Occasional Book readers’

While you would have all noted and recognized fellow book lovers who have gorged one book after another and match the prowess of talking about books the way you do. But there are these rare book readers who would probably read 1 max two in their lives. That too under peer pressure to read sometimes. Like my own brother, the only book he has read till date is biography of Osama Bin Ladin. I wonder why he would choose this book. Imagine he decided to pick one book and chose this. 

Then there is my cousin, who doesn’t red at all. But all the cousins claim to have found adult Hindi novels in his bedside drawer, which I refuse to believe but it does make a funny family anecdote.

Another cousin of mine comes and asks me for a recommendation. Only to start and finish one book in 6 months. That too a trilogy. Apparently he waits out the entire period till the next book in the series comes out. 

These are some of the readers exist. They don’t really add to big customer base but the peripheral guys exist and they do red once in a while. Although their passions could be different and as tolerant Book lover I discount them and amuse them once in a while for their reading habits. I do try to bring books in their family or gift their children to encourage reading. 

Alongside the perpetual book readers the occasional readers coexist. And no it doesn’t matter to us as they are hardly a stretch on our resources. The irritating ones are those who are fake  readers. They never read but will come to you to borrow your books and never return forget about reading. These are the most bugging ones. They are not really readers but pretend to read, especially they will pick up the most intelligent books on your shelf like Atlas Shrugged or rich history or philosophy. You know they will never read and return your book, but to tell them the truth would be an insult to their intellect. The irony! 


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