10 November 2017


Paro - Passion, vanity and jealousy! 
May I start with saying that this is one of the best books I read after a long long time. Honestly it’s so simple but straight out of pulp fiction - like the one in 80s full of sleazy women sleeping around and using men and things and same for men.... I know i sound like the most primitive moral police... but honestly I damn care about your moral judgements. This book is what it is... just what it is... sleazy, scandalous and titilating in the most corrupt way...

 every one is corrupt in this world and no one really loves anyone.... and the story is narrators life around Paro. It starts from Paro and ends with it. The quintessential whore of a high society which likes to show off its women. Paro defies all boundaries set by women and at the same time is not able to justify why. Yes she is Sexual in a way not many women are,,,, but then she is not apologetic at all, which is what makes her different - the vamp, the other woman, the slut, the whore, the seductress, the witch...and the bitch! Every bad woman ever born... and her story which is what makes an English tabloid version of Manohar kahaniyan. Have you ever read one. Well I have and many indeed. So this book reminded me of those sleazy stories! 

Honestly - it’s a brilliant book, the narrator and its complicated relationship with Paro, the trouble of India satires, the high society of the 60s Mumbai and page 3 of delhi. There are so many dimensions and seriously there are no boundaries. It is naked, it’s stark and it’s shocking! And Paro.... its not a name, it’s a symbol of a woman who doesn’t follow the rules... please get a copy at the earliest... I am gifting soon to my girlfriends 


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