15 June 2017

Movies and Bookshops

When you dream of opening a book shop some day, all the movies and books set at or around book shops become your fantasies. They open the doors of your imagination and you are transported into the bookshop watching the characters like a fellow book lover. These are some of my favourite movies mostly for the dreamy book shop in them! 

You've Got Mail
The cute quirky book shop with story tellings and sale of books. It had a pleasurable place like a child crèche while parents shopped around. They could color and play while the parents did everything. The bookshop was even more special seeped in nostalgia with the memories of the mother of the protagonist and her vision to make it a place full of love and dreams. It competes with the large scale commercial enterprise and fails financially but it stays in the hearts of those who believe reading is an art and it can't have a price on it. The bookshop around the corner stays with you long after you leave the cinema hall. 

Before Sunset
The part 2 of Before sunrise, this books shows the protagonist turning into an author. His book reading is hosted in a book shop in Paris, the place where his French love from his younger days lives. And you won't believe that it is 'Shakespeare and company' bookshop, the Mecca of book lovers in Paris and around the world. I believe book shops are beautiful and romantic and people often fall in love there with fellow book lovers. It's just the romantic aura, which makes you fall in love! 

This romantic movie of a simple British book shop owner in London and the famous Hollywood starlet. The fantasy love story of every simple boy to fall in love with the unattainable celebrity. His bookshop is shown a few times with its beautiful British setting. probably it's the simplicity of his life which attracts the fast paced complicated life of a star and you have the opposites getting attracted including over the love for books. 



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