14 June 2017

(Backup) Hope Factory - a book of hopes and dreams


Book: Hope factory
Author: Lavanya Sankaran
Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️

This is the story of Hope and dreams - of a struggling middle class businessman and a poor maid trying to meet both ends and have a honorable life. There are multiple other intertwined characters who add shades of grey to their characters distracting or encouraging them to reach their goals. But those destined to fulfill their dreams pass all barriers and that's where you have the dogma of class barriers. 

Hope and Class - there is an inverse relationship between the hope and class of society.  Your social ad financial status determines your class and lesser it is the more hope you have. Hope to do better, hope to be higher. It does not mean in any way that upper class doesn't hope to be higher, it only means it's more hopeful for Lower classes.

Intelligence as they say is randomly distributed and sometimes beyond any class. The time has proved that it's only few and rare who have broken the class barriers and soared higher to reach somewhere. Especially in the Indian society full of politics, bureaucracy, caste system and societal taboos. 

Read Lavanya Shankaran for her very real and true account of today's India buzzing with dreams, energy and hope. After all there is only hope and hope that makes a life worth living! 


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