04 March 2017

Hot Tea Across India

Tea is to body, what love is to soul! 

Book Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
I generally don't read non fiction or travelogues, although I do write latter. But this one was particularly enjoyable with its easy language and relatable stories. The author Rishad Saam Mehta is a serial road tripper and shares his experiences with tea, travels, trips and tips. The anecdotes are funny in a way only a traveler can understand, simple experiences which become memories forever. There are no big nirvana peaks but small moments of laughter and life. 

In fact it reminded me of all our road trips. The stories laced around cuppas of tea. If you are a traveler and that too on road and in India then tea is an essential part of your journey. The road side tea stalls are like pit stops for rejuvenating, relaxing, refuelling and relating. You can capture the essence of the area from the kind of tea served across the country. 

Indian tea has many forms and this book is pure joy for a true brown tea lover - the heavy milk tea in North, more liquid and thin black tea of west, kulhad of Kolkata, filter coffee styled tea of South, honey and saffron tea of Kashmir. 

You can not survive a road trip if not for tea. And if you can get the essential accompaniments like PARLE G, or jam cookies, or toasted bread butter, you are set for a heavenly journey. 

Frankly the generous spread of tea stalls in every corner of the country makes sure you never go hungry or without help. There is always a hot cup of tea waiting for you! 


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