04 September 2016

Flipped - Love is flipping good!

Bryce and Julie sitting in a tree,

That tree is sycamore!

Owiee this is one of my favorite romantic films. Not the usual most beautiful girl and boy story, or the nervous vampire story. A sweet childhood story like wonder years! Of a boy and a girl who are neighbors! Of the love and hate, smiles and fights! Of the complex childhood love and teenage years! Of a wild girl and a good boy! 

The story unfolds as the versions between the two. The same series of events from both sides. Why the confused boy does what he does, why the nice spirited girl still loves him. Well girls just love the wrong boys and finally they come around. 

It's a cute little love story that warms the cockles of your heart, pulls some strings of memory of that first crush, first soft heartbeat, first romance, even first love! Thrown in with vintage American family drama, the story is about two ideologues, the cultured and the spirited! The spirited girl falls for the shy boy, and the shy boy flips too! 

Oh love is this mush feeling of a cosy summer, a musky rain, a sepia autumn and a cool winter! 


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