20 March 2016

Book Day and Book Club

3rd March was the book day. So I thought of calling my book club members home and celebrate some book love. This book club is formed of people from my society. A mixed bunch who read a lot and talk even more. Like any Indian conversation - our discussion start from book but move over to Bollywood, politician and finally religion. Overall quiet satisfying! 

It was book day so I thought of planning some activities, and what better than the bookish version of best party game ever - Book charades - Pick the names of the book and put on chits, for people to pick and act out the name for others. I had quiet a popular mix. 

Great expectations - well I am not sure why it's on my top of mind for some days. I have not even read it. Probably because of the latest released film Fitoor. 

Choker Bali - an Indian book club is incomplete without local Indian fiction lover. I am this member of the book who likes such stuff. 

Da Vinci Code - a crime fiction and mystery. It's a popular read of my generation so definitely on the list. Most people will relate to it. 

Oliver Twist - a childhood classic, every one who has studied English literature in school would have read it. So it will be interesting to know who have not read it. 

Fooled by randomness - A book club member just loves Taleb and they like quoting him. So for including him! 

Mills and boons - of course it's a genre and a book in itself. Like Game if thrones is one story, this is one kind of story! And will you believe it if I say I have never ever have I read one!

Suraj ka Satvan ghoda - my favourite but then manto is my fav! But none of his books are famous. Only short stories! 

Anna Kerenina - a classic of course, I was debating Jane Austen, but that would have been cliched. Ask a book lover! This though turned out the toughest to act or guess, although a lot of fun. 

The fault in our stars - YA generation yo girl! How can you not enjoy the youthful hopeful feel good movies and films. 

There are many other Games one can play in a book club - 

Share your memories of a book!
> Which was most hilarious like a comedy book you read! 
> Which was the most mysterious one you read! 
> Which was most difficult to complete but you loved it still!
> Which was the first ever book you read! Earliest book you remember!
> Who gave you your first book! 

You can also keep a quiz on a particular book, author, genre! Keep it popular and easy so everyone can participate. Finally keep some good food and knick knacks coming. The evening of the book club will turn out more lively and lovely than you planned for! 🤓🤓


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