06 March 2016

Benaam Badsha

And not 'Benaam Badshah'. This film released in 1991 so I must be 11 years old when I saw it first. Anil Kapoor films were always paisa vasool. He was a good actor she was a pretty damsel. So they made a good film, with some storyline, dancing, singing, drama, comedy and villain. This is  one of the Bad Boys reformed by a good girl! But that's not all, the different script of this film made me re- watch it a few times. 

Imdb states the gist - oon is paid to assault a reporter on her wedding day as revenge and leave her life in ruins. She decides to move into the goon's house and reform him.

The determination of Juhi to reform the boy was much more significant rather than the misery of a raped woman. I clearly don't support marrying a rapist as if rape is a ceremony of marriage like first night. She used this as a weapon not to punish but reform him. She didn't hate him, she pitied him. That is evidently great. She forgot all about his wrong behaviour and transformed him. I am not sure if this is greatness or just a ham movie. Who does that! Rape is wrong and it's evident to be angry or scared of who inflicts you with this. To feel sorry for him is weird. 

But then it reminded me of my strategy teacher in MBA. He used to say - If you can't avoid being raped, then sit back and enjoy it. 

May be that's what Juhi did. She made her misery her prize and twisted her destiny. 

Look at his messy wig and under eye make up. It's probably the wurst. 

Why am I still talking about this film. No clue. But you must watch these quirky things I found. 

The restaurant from which Anil Kapoor buys double roti ( quintessential Indian bread) is called Khane Peene ka Adda.

And the public park where Anil tajes Juhi for walks during her pregnancy is called. Guess what?????
Garabvati Park

Now all I can think of this time is, Bollywood, Sada Saubhagayawati! 


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