30 January 2016

Sleazy Books

Have you ever read a Sleazy book!
Have you walked on someone reading it!
Have you hidden and read it!

All of us at some or the other time have encountered a sleazy book at a book shop counter, at an Elder cousin or friends place, family attics, and now online. And these encounters are never forgotten. 

I wondered who wrote and conceptualised these stories. It's like the underworld of books where the dirty elements of the literary world rule. The bad ass books about basic carnal needs of men and women. And if mixed with violence they just add to the pulp fiction. 

Fifty shades of grey possibly sits amongst the suave designer suited criminal with a class. There are third class, middle class and biker sleazy books. The epitome being ' letters to penthouse' and the chiclit teen fantasy being 'Mills and Boons'. 

These books are the milestone moments of youth when you realise that watching sleazy books is somehow wrong. No one told you but you figured the guilt and shame associated with them. But they are a part of growing up. Ask the  hostellers, ask night workers, ask the teenage boys! These are the sleazy heroes of the sleazy stories. 

The slippery stories of youth! 

DisclaimerWell this blog has never claimed to be an intellectual blog. It's only about reading, books and stories! 


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