29 November 2015

Litfest Season Begins

This simple cartoon explains how fiction can transpose between worlds! Litfests came as a breathe of fresh air a few years back, providing middle class Indians to hold and participate in intellectual debates which were earlier  a topic prevalent only in sophisticated study or lounges of the privileged class.

Although the latest trends of politicos and Bollywood taking over lit fests to discuss topics of liberalism and freedom of opinion is turning out tad cliched. But I hope the tradition of debate and opinions flourishes because that only means India is thinking. But with freedom of voice comes the responsibility of listening. Only then our society will grow. 

On a separate note its important that in these fests we talk about all sorts of literature rather than just popular fiction. Hoping to hear and see more of world class authors, of different genres, of local Indian or foreign languages, of fantasy and reality, of classical and neo. That is my right and my demand as an ardent lit fan. Bring it on! 


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