14 September 2015

A library in the hills

When you are a Book lover, there are places that catch your eye more than other things. The HP library sitting right at the Ridge, Shimla was such a find. 

One early morning, I stood at The entrance trying to listen to the silences of the place. Before people came in to borrow or return books, or simply read in the ambience of the library.

Notice period here would be used to put up important information, probably list of members with pending dues, info on closure times and off days, probably a list of new titles, hobby and activities in the neighbourhood or announcement of author visits or book clubs. 

Children's section, where all the chirps and the hushes are found. Just next to it is the Reference and Magazines section where the mothers are waiting till the kids are busy. 

The old librarian sat on the counter at the entrance before you could reach the books. You return one and then proceed to borrow another. The give and take of life lived amongst the books. 

The passage of shelves with books, calls out to me. To come and find those lives which need to be told, to be heard, to be read, to be shared. The catalogue cabinet holds the library cards which has he history of the reader habits and the data in popular books, oldest books, most read books - date after date of lending and borrowing records. 

This is a library in the hills!


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