23 August 2015

The house that BJ built

Book: The house that BJ built
Author: Anuja Chauhan
Rating: 3.5/5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️🌙

It is easy to write off saying Anuja Chauhan has done this before. She has already written three 400 page each chiclits featuring romantic nauk jhonk between Delhi ki jhalli ladki and Mumbai ka Hottie ladka. With this I have actually summarized the story and the authors prowess in writing, rest of the plot and characters, who cares. 

So why is it that I pick up this book again. Frankly it's a no brainier, it's light, it's funny, it's smart and it's easy. We all want such a read all the time. To put it in bookish sense, it's Indian version of Mills and Boons, in a nice family sort of way. It's a soap opera dished in Delhi humor, family drama and cheeky lines. There is a plot but how does that matter when you already know that boy and girl will eventually live happily ever after. 

What I like about Anuja Chauhan's books is the guaranteed laugh or two, tongue in cheek humor and an unputdownable book overall. I would recommend this to anyone who has time and need for a good read. Her language is smooth even though mixed with desi lingo and references it looses international appeal. Her lead characters are cliches and repetitive but the thing is they could be anybody and everybody, even you and me. 

This book is Part II of 'Those Pricey Thakur Girls', a time leap showing a similar love and confusion in the next generation of the family. The family home stays the center of plot with Bollywood and fashion world connection thrown in to create the perfect page turner. Probably it will be lapped up by some Bollywood producer and Sonam Kapoor will once again play a quirky girl with designer dresses having sneaky rendezvous with a dishy new actor who will make the girls swoon with his sharp jaw line and pinched smile. A Fawad Khan or Abhay Deol, you just need a pretty boy who will do the same things to us in our dreams what he would be doing to the heroine on screen.

Imagine this...

He pulls her even closer and kisses he's gently on her upturned mouth. It draws from her an involuntary little sigh before her fingers curl into the back of his neck, pulling him closer. He comes in for a longer, more demanding kiss, a casting-anchor kiss, a pulling-off-your-shoes-and-getting-comfy kiss, like he intends to do nothing but kiss her all night. 

Such kissing scenes are acceptable and repetitive in the book, nothing more, nothing less, keeping in line to the Virgin myth. You see we have come a long way from showing two touching flowers or birds meeting their beaks, to lip locks. Going beyond will still take longer. Humans who were born naked and walked earth naked for million years have regressed so much that watching naked = Shame Shame 

So all in all Anuja Chauhan dishes out the expected i.e. 100% entertainment. Grab your copy now! 


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