15 July 2015

Trikaal - Past, Present and Future

It's the season of trilogies - from books to films every thing is being created in three parts. That could be possibly because every story has a past, a present and a future. This one film had it all and long before world figured the marketability of Three. 

Shyam Benegal a master storyteller - from the simplicity of middle class living of Suraj ka Satvan Ghoda to the complicated madness of a historical saga of a Portuguese family. The film has the backdrop of Goa's freedom from Portuguese with cross cross plot lines of various characters causing chaos and scattering as the family drama reaches its climax. There are ghosts of family past, exorcism, romantic triangles and quadrangle, revolutionary, illegitimate children and affairs, desperate and ambitious parents, loyal servants, ancient family villas and property with daughters and son in laws as heirs. 

The famous powerhouse singers of 90s like Remo, Alisha Chenoy and Ila Arun make their appearance provide some Goa style rustic music especially the love songs for Anna, the object of everyman's desire are cute and natural. 

Some of the best actors of their times Lila Naidu and Naserrudin Shah bring complicated and unapologetic characters to life on screen. The past haunts both these characters and they try to reach out to the past but one does trying while the other makes peace with it. Neena Gupta performs a similar role to that if Suraj ka Satvan Ghoda of a lonely vulnerable woman with no protectors misused in a mans world. 

Shyam Benegal is good with whatever he does but we have seen his better works. Watch it if you are a Benegal fan, which I certainly am. 


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