13 June 2015

Headlines make Headlines

Iconic headlines which catch the attention of readers and builds the frenzy which sells news. In this new world of "prestitutes". ( my dictionary doesn't acknowledge this word but my mind does) 
Press, media, news it was always attention grabbing and distracting. From the days of massengers to microphones, news has been reported as truth but it ha always been someone's version. Someone who was there whereas others were not. How do you decide the credibility of a teller basis the fact that he has a platform to tell whereas others not. The deadbody in the crime not the criminal is there but the bystanders and the police who only assume what happens. 
The news papers are full of events, happenings across the world. How much of it is truth? How much of it is lie? Governments and wars are made basis media and public reactions. That's why it's the age of masses. Media is there to channelise and direct the masses. Politics and media nexus makes headlines and masses lock their memories and change their opinions with changing media. Salman is God but he is also a criminal. Modi is a leader but he is also liable for killing of Innocents. 
I am not sure I have any opinion really. It changes with the so called "facts" reported by media and there are hundreds of accounts and versions floating. Who to follow? Who to trust? Is it some kind of entertainment? Well for my parents generation it is for whom evening news has been the daily nugget of life. With 24/7 news channels they  make most of their political opinions and awareness of economic affairs. For my generation wee are too busy to pay attention to most things wasting away our spare team in the 3D clarity of our TV screens and 3G speed of our smart phones. The next generation is too young and too confused as the choices are immense but knowledge is zilch. 
The only time we will make headlines in today's world is if you become the protagonist of a big accident or crime. I wonder what will be the headline if that happens. May be like that successful corporate  lawyer who killed two while drunk driving. Her chance to glory! The sadness behind every sensational Headline. The shock and surprise element, ignoring the empathy and sadness of the situation! 
The Headline, 'Headless body in topless bar' - the most anatomically evocative headline in the history of American journalism. You can't miss the rhyme in the headline, the Jingle talent. Get attention, without emotion. Living in the world of headlines. 


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