18 May 2015

The Royal Library, Copenhagen

Storywala adds another feather to its cap, as in destination to its list of book lovers haven. The Royal Library of Copenhagen. The Royal Library in Copenhagen, Denmark (DanishDet Kongelige Bibliotek), is the national library of Denmark and the university library of the University of Copenhagen. It is the largest library in the Nordic countries.[1]
The library was founded 1648 by King Frederik III who seeded it with a comprehensive collection of European works. To read more on the history of the library visit Wikipedia. 

It didn't have much of English literature which I could have enjoyed but it's indigenous contents symbolises the need to preserve the local languages and reading habits.  

The long wide corridors boast of the grandeur of royalty the name holds. It was a crowded place but the silence was real. A neat, nice, cosy nook to read and learn. 

the centre halls keep the aura of a historical place alive. 

The mural on the roof were inviting enough to the art, culture and book aficionados. 

The multiple corridors, rows and shelves of books protect a world which is fast diminishing in a digital world. As the world minimises, I hope it has the space to preserve the books which hold not only stories but also the times and lives of its readers. 


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