05 April 2015

In my not so humble opinion,

Yes first things first, my opinion!
In my humble opinion, most critics are nothing but failures

Like food critics are failed cooks
Like film critics are failed Actors, Directors or script writers
Like fashion critics are failed designers
Like art critics are failed artists
Like book reviewers are failed writers

Not so much as a failure I would call myself an aspiring or do I call a struggling writer. Hmm these are just euphemisms in a world of have and have nots. Yes I have despises Chetan Bhagat for his brand of cheap Rs 99 fiction but he is a writer and I am not. I only comfort myself in my honesty and true self judgement. Oh what a proud me of myself. Shallow right!! Well world is full of shallowness that's what critics survive on. They cut their subject of assessment piece by piece to decide on its perfection but then there is nothing like perfection. Everyone has its way of expressing and depicting life through art, films, food, fashion or books. 

Who am I to judge? Well the receiver as in audience has a right to judge definitely because they pay a price for it. But one who judges it from his pedestal of failure and others higher one of success, is not a fair judge. Like food should've judged by its taste and not by how I would have cooked it or a painting should be judged by its beauty and not by how I would have painted it. If you are doing it you are comparing not critiquing. You are the wrong audience you will never be satisfied because it's not yours. Simple!! 

I am a critic and a failed some one!! 


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