05 April 2015

Humour on backside of philosophy

Humor on backside of Philosophy 

Searching for a good book I landed at the popular chain of bookstores. I was in the mood for some fun read, may be a comic or a cartoon strip for a light read. I asked for humor section, and the response I got was - Humor is on the backside of philosophy and I couldn't help but wonder. How true it is!! 

Nothing like some humor to put the philosophy in its place. The deep and serious talks conveyed with some light humor. One that makes you laugh and teaches a lesson too. 

In fact the wisest of men share their pearls in the most humorous way. Humor is avert powerful tool but not many people know how to use it. Sense of humor has been used subtly through cartoons, comics and satires on politics, economics, war, celebrities, social issues, moral issues. Even the silly whatsapp jokes are a way of passing message through humor. Recently there was the killing of French cartoonists over the mockery of religious figures revered by millions. Frankly I am no judge of right or wrong but killing someone is wrong. No matter what happened and here nothing really happened. The world is too serious, and I ask why so serious!! 
Why so serious!!

Why can't we take light!! Quarrels within family or marriage, political parties, ideologist, economists, bankers, philosophers, advertisers, policy makers, management, owners, children, siblings! Just let it go! India Pakistan should also take light. Forget what happened think of future!! A beautiful future for our children. 
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Jibes and spoofs are important tools to take light and its commendable to take jokes on situations like cricket and bollywood and even religion. Yes we were once one but different! Then we separated and became more different. But at the end we all are the same. The physiological needs, the love stories, the dreams, the family drama, the fight for survival, the journey of life. And each is a unique life different from another. A complete story in itself the beginning and end if it, the long and short of it, the big and small of it. This is my life's philosophy. 

Take some humor and sprinkle it to the backside of philosophy, I mean seriously! 


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