12 April 2015



Doodling, I have been doing it even before I learnt to read and write, but I didn't know it had a name - Doodling!!

How did I learn! Well watching TV has its benefits. It was a lady detective show on Doordarshan which caught a criminal from the doodling habits. Doodles are like signatures! We all have our distinct styles. 

Some draw flowers, some write names, some draw clouds, some sketch faces, some line borders, some draw shapes, some cross cross, and some do squiggles! Haven't you wrote the name of the boy you crushed? On the last page of the book and then erased it or tore it up before anyone finds out. 

What satisfaction one gets from doodling! Even the illiterate can doodle. Because it's a personal art of everyone. The corners of books are full of escapades of doodlers. Even Harry Potter found one such book of Half Prince. They probably carry secrets and stories, like imprints of nostalgia and maze one needs to unravel. That is why I love buying Second hand books. Though a true blue book lover would never do such an atrocity on a book, but I think it gives a backstory to a book too. Those doodles, those eared pages, the signed names, the odd quote, the underlined words, they all are ugly signs of ink on paper, but they tell a story of the book. The kind of person or people who read this book, and how they would have read, and felt. Did they enjoy it! You don't doodle if you enjoy a book, because doodle is a work of an idle mind. How can your mind be idle if you are loving what you read? 

Doodles and squiggles, 
Giggles and troubles, 
They are just distractions,
Of an idle mind! 


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