15 April 2015

Chronicles of KL Saigal

I found this wonderful article on life and times of KL Saigal. It's only fair that this blog keepsakes his story!

My only memory of his are thru his songs which sometimes played on radio or Doordarshan. He had this very harsh, nasal, droning sound coming out of his mouth, with words thrown in. Though I did not blame him, may be those were the times and people loved such music. We don't understand old music till we get old. It's a strange world. I wasn't even born in 70s but I really enjoy the songs. Probably old 70s music was always playing in Chitrahaar and DD weekly films and everywhere else on the radio. Cassettes were there when I was a child. Record player was only playing on TV and it always sounded droning. 

The only song of KL Saigal that I recall is, So ja Rajkumari but for us it was a scary song. The singer seemed to mock you into sleep because no one can sleep to such a bad crooning, especially not a child. May be the kids of that age liked it. But for us it was Yashoda ja nand lala. 

So here is the article I was talking about. 

Chao! Till more stories come to my mind! 


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