22 March 2015

Bond on a Sunday Morning

Woke up to a wonderful sunny Sunday morning, with thoughts of baking a Lemon Cake. While I finished putting the cake to bake, this little book standing amongst the other cook books, catches my attention. 

A Little Book of Life, by Ruskin Bond. You may ask why it's catalogued with Cook books in the kitchen and not with the others in the Study. The main reason is the section on 'Maxims from Grandmother's recipe book' with some wonderful words on Food for Thought!! 

There is skill in all things, even in making porridge. 
Let not your tongue cut your throat!
Dry bread at home is better than roast meat abroad.
Eating and drinking should not keep men from thinking. 

Ruskin had kept this little book where he jotted down the 'words of wisdom' as he came across in the books he read. Quote books like coffee table books are made for introspection and pleasure while you are waiting. The wisdom soaking in while you wait for life to happen and baking is too a waiting game. You do your best and wait for the best! So as my lemon cake bakes enjoy some wisdom!!

Your room must have a window. Look at the clouds, look at the stars, look at the good earth. 
Those who keep good gardens are usually contented folk. Always make space for flowers, even if all you have is a window ledge. 
Avoid long speeches. The less a man knows, the longer he takes to tell it. 
May you have the wisdom to be simple, and the humour to be happy! 
Sympathy is what one woman offers another in exchange for details. 

Greetings and good wishes from Bond on a happy Sunday!! 


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