17 February 2015

Storywala is Top 10 Book Blogs in India

Good news indeed! Our dear Storywala features in Top 10 Book Blogs in India by Baggout!!

Check out here: http://blog.baggout.com/2015/02/26/top-15-book-blogs-india/

Do you see Storywala making the margin with the tenth spot. I am just glad that my passion for books and writing is getting some recognition. How cool is it if you love doing something and people just love it back! 

Baggout's content writer had such nice things to say for Storywala, even Keepsakewala! 

Neha Gupta, the creator of this blog, finds passion in reading and writing. She imparts her views on this blog and it becomes a window of expression for her. Thus, the reviews you find here are the expressions of her soul and something you have faith in. with her firm and straight views, she writes astounding reviews. Kamalwala is a section of the blog where you can find unique opinions and views about various things. It would seem as if you were looking at something from a new lens. This Kalamwali’s Storywala blog is amazing.


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