17 February 2015

NOT The unbearable lightness of being

You love a book, you watch the film and vice versa. But not always it works. A lot of books are made into films - it's something we studied in maths as Gradual progression. And if you loved a book it's only obvious you gotta watch the film version. 

Milan Kundera's Unbearable lightness of being has been made into a film. I took the effort of searching it, downloading it and watching it. 
Tomas and Teresa are solidified into living breathing people on screen and they are a colourful version of their real self. There are sparks of original madness of characters but only Sparks. Sometimes it seems a lousy hap hazard film and at other times heading into a peaking of some significant drama but by interval you loose hope and give it up. 

That's what I did and the only thing you should do is not search it, but if you are reading this you probably can't avoid search. But you can choose not to download and watch it. More over the version I watched was a dubbed version and the words didn't match the sounds and took away further beauty of film. A translated book's dubbed film version. Very far from the original and don't bother yourself to watch. I did and I am doing you a favor by telling you not to watch. 

The film had nothing that stayed with me. Even characters became lame and rambling after some time. True to the book but not to the story. Nothing stayed with me from the film really. Nothing matched my imagination! 

Rating two stars out of five. 


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