03 December 2014

Only ugly girls become choreographers

Or they would be showgirls... Haven't you seen the state in Choliwood. The ugly band of female choreographers. So they can't take the centre stage but they were not pretty enough or even shapely one to be on stage. So dancing girl was difficult to be. Yes beauty lies in the eyes of beholder, right. And here they were w lot of beholders. Yes number of beholders were equally proportional to your popularity of nothing else. Though in very ugly people also make high on popularity scald but the ugly scale one. 

And here I must say that no one is pretty and ugly. Everone can look beautiful if they choose to even with a smile. Oh even pretty snooty people or fair rude Woman can look super ugly. It's all in the beholder. So smile or just don't communicate. Seriously man! 

The girls roiled the gender here. Some funky guy from the south was bamboostick but could not offer romanticism obsessed Choliwood. It was Chawk wood - showing beautiful Chawk playing films. Those you could watch with anyone. But nowadays it was all about item songs and dances and choreographers. So you can't be item girl then become choreographer and make friends with heroes and heroines and make them dance. They will be your students but you can't be them. 

Do you want me to name them. All master of their trade but only some had talent, rest had friends. Or you can say contacts. Well it's not about performance - anyone can dance. Or it's not an art it's more of a feeling. Anyone can dance if one feels. These girls just package it well and try to show the feeling by arranging the song. So choreographer is nothing but a storyteller in a song and dance. And dance is not even necessary. 

Choreographers have come a long way from earlier times. Now some aspire to be choreographers , making arrangements and leading people to dance like a choir arranger. But ugly girls never make it to the stage here too. 


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