27 December 2014

Friends and Reruns

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Reruns are fun. Watching reruns of TV english sitcoms are more fun than the debut watch. You see watching reruns is another category like celebrating Star Wars days in 'The Big Bang Theory' where you watch reruns of Star Wars films all day long. 

The reruns have all the nostalgia you are looking for and yes you can relive the days when you watched it first. And if there is someone to watch them with then it's even better. 
So who tops the list of reruns. Of course 

Most of November me and my husband spent watching friends on my Samsung Tab and on TV while road tripping across New Zealand staying at backpackers and youth hostels. Friends has always been special for us being the first TV english sitcom which hooked us to them forever. 

So my brain and creativity is all in sync with Friends and I am thinking of blog ideas and contents like how Friends is vintage - 20 years old or how HIMYM is a bad rip off the same or how three Friends boys are like Khan trilogy of Bollywood. 

Yes you may see more on content in the future blogs so keep watching. May be I should list the Reruns Top 5 say:

No 1 Friends
No 2 -malcom in the middle  or the 70s show. Probably they should share 2 and 3rd positions 
No 3 the Big Bang theory 
No 5 Sex and the city, only for me and Breaking bad for Anoop, although it's too new to go into rerun category so we can ignore

In cartoons it is
No 1 Tom and Jerry
No 2 Duck tales
No 3 Simpsons
No 4 Tails Pin
No No 5 really 

May be I will write about Top ५ Hindi TV reruns or movie reruns or Hindi movie reruns like your repeat playlists. I have my repeat list the current ones- the Top 5 songs on my phone or like I call it FAV. 
So you might find more Top 5s on my blog becayse Top 10s are too long and a passé. See you around. 


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