29 December 2014

Are you Phoebe?

By now you would have figured that I am a fan of Friends TV Show. So I am allowed to write some fan fiction akka blogging. The first question all Friends fans are asked is 'Who is your favourite Friends character?' The answer is always all of them but there is this small little soft corner for one of them and for me that's Phoebe!!

Phoebe is probably the most quirky character ever on TV. She is a perfect mix of cool, crazy and fun. Truly there are so many reasons to love her!! 

1. Vegetarian activist - she was a hard core vegetarian simply because she hated to hurt or kill animals or any living thing. She was against anything negative or cruel and in her small way she was this hero of the poor, weak and the suppressed. Remember when she gave away the heirloom fur coat. 

Even more quirky was that during her pregnancy she craved for it and ate a lot of meat in exchange for Joey leaving non veg for the same period to balance the killing of animals. 

2. She was ready to be surrogate for her brother's child and she actually bore him Triplets. She was truly selfless. Which sister would be cool enough to do this?? 

3. She was quirky and her choice in men was even more quirky - her dating list includes - a gay stage dancer, a scientist on long term project in Russia, some guy in van was her first love, a complete multi member band. Her black book was totally wacky, remember which she gave to Rachel when she was getting married to Mike.

4. She was one woman that broke most of the gender conventions like hitting on men or proposing to one. Remember her proposal to Mike on a stadium screen during half time and the way she hit on Chandler to break his secret affair with Monica. 

5. She was a mugger as a child and lived on the streets. Her mother was a drug dealer who committed suicide. Her father left them. Her step father was in prison. Her twin sister was a mean insensitive woman. Her granny generally made up lies to avoid difficult conversations. Still She turned out to be the nicest person on the show with a heart of gold. She volunteered as Santa Claus for Xmas or the good deeds. She never killed animals and even harboured house pests as pets to avoid hurting them.

6. Her quirky dressing and jewellery. According to me she designed bohemian and funky. The peace neck piece, multiple rings, braided hair, long skirts, cool maxis, colourful wacky tops - defining cool street fashion!

7. Her quirky home with paintings like Gladys and Glynnis (scary lady sculpture coming out of a painting). She had this theory that furniture should have a back story. That's why she was against Rachel buying from mass commercial shops like Pottery Barn. And talking about her house do you remember her cute little doll house - it was just lovely!!

8. Quirky Things she did - how she ran, the psychic belief that her dead mother's soul was in the lost cat, or when she stopped a plane by saying there was something wrong with its left phalange, or when she felt that the aura of a dead woman entered her body, or called herself 'Regina Phalange', 

and don't you remember when she even changed her name to Princess 'Consuila Banana Hammock'. 

Mike puts it nicely when he says in his vows "Phoebe you are so wonderful weird."

She could say the most weird things in the most easy way and not even intending to be sarcastic - "I am very bendy!"; "I wish I could help you but I don't want to."

I can probably list a million of Phoebe's quirks but you have already got the point.

9. She was the most complicated and the most uncomplicated person on the show at the same time. She was complicated with her unusual behaviours like she didn't believe in evolution or gravity. 

But at the same time there were complicated things that were super clear to her - relationships, truth, honesty, faithfulness, friendship and love!! She was the one who encouraged Ross to profess his love for Rachel eventually. She always encouraged people to follow their dreams. 

10. And finally her song "Smelly Cat". It has to be the epitome of quirky. Her musical skills were questionable but you have to admit how adorable was her passion for music, 

How she learnt it without knowing the name of the notes coining her own references. 

How she made lyrics out of anything to create crazy songs. 

That's Phoebe for you!! Now if you have any of the above 10 traits you may wanna know what stage of Quirky are you? 

1-4: You have traits of Phoebe which means you ate occasionally fun like Phoebe and you have to work a lot still. 
5-7: You are definitely a healthy version of Phoebe. You enjoy life and love and friendship and probably everything else in life. 
8-10: You are a serious case of Phoebe and you are generally the odd one in every group or gathering. But who cares because you are so busy being Phoebe. 


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