29 December 2014

Are you Monica?

Score how many traits you meet and find out if you are a Monica or not. 

1. Cleaning Freak 
Anyone who calls Drycleaners her Disney land has the OCD of cleaning. Monica was obsessed with cleaning her own, her friends houses, her kitchen, even Ross's shabby date's house for which she lost her sleep.

This is Monica cleaning the bigger vacuum with a small vacuum. She only asked if there was a tinier one to clean the small one. Cleaning was a hobby! Cleaning was a stress buster every time she had a break up or any issue.  

2. Order order order 
Things had to be in order. Her house furniture was set at specific angles and positions and she would know if you moved it. When Chandler moves in he tries to impress her with cleaning up the entire house. But gets freaked out when he is told not to disturb a single thing in the house because Monica would know and that scares him enough. 

Remember how she taught infant Emma to arrange her soft toys. Or when she creates a file with prompts and alphabetical order to help Chandler figure out a career. She is the nightmare of any spontaneous person. She believed having rules for everything is fun. She even had organised sex AR scheduled hours. 

3. Bestest
She was extremely competitive in everything, weather a board game, foosball, touch football, tennis, or any game whatsoever. As a fat teen her massive appetite has been shown in the flashbacks. But when Chandler calls her fat on a thanksgiving dinner, she decides to loose weight and the obsession turns from fat to fit. Remember the Best Worst massages in the world. 

4. Oh Baby Baby
How she wanted to be a mother. Chandler and she had tried for many seasons before they realised they couldn't be parents. Even though Chandler was not ready for a long time to be a father, and she had to manipulate him to bed on his visits from Tulsa, strict adherence to the ovulation calendar, and eventually the adoption efforts. She was even ready to lie if it meant she would get a baby. And viola they got twins. 

5. Love ship
You are someone who has close knit friendships and family. Your brother married your best friend or you married your brothers best friend. She was the glue of the gang. Phoebe tried cutting her off but she crawled back in. She was always looking for true love from the beginning of the show. 

6. Always a Host
She was always the host. Her house and her table served many meals. When she and Rachel loose their house to Chandler and Joey in a bet. She looses her sleep in preparing the house to host her friends. She was always the host for every thanksgiving dinner, ever Xmas celebration, every party and get together. They all had the key to that apartment where Monica hosted for all the seasons. 

7. Mommy issues
She was never good enough for your mother who picked out the faults in her in abundance. 

She cleaned like mad, controlled her eating, looked her best, did well in studies and sports. But it was difficult to please her mother whereas the screwed up sibling was seemingly perfect to her mother and father. 

8. Strongest 
Monica was tiny yet strong. Probably her years of training to fight with an elder brother paid off. She was one girl who could beat up boys easily. 

9. Good friend 
She was the kindest person. She took in Rachel when she ran away from wedding. She allowed Joey to eat all the food. She loved Ben and Emma. 

10. Control freak
She was such a control freak. You know if things went against her planning, she lost it. 

In her mind, she already had a map of how her life will be. Friends, Love, marriage, baby, house in the suburbs, family. 

And this controlling streak spread to all the areas like when she was out with cold she didn't accept that she could get sick. 

Remember the routine of the Live Dance Show. That's the control I am talking about! 

1-3: Hmm you have it in you but you are too sane to be Monica. So give up. You have to be a little psycho to be Monica.

4-7: You are a difficult lady. Won't give up till you get all 10 but probably you would need to scale up because Monica is quiet ahead of you. 

8-10: Oh lady, get ready for war because Monica is one and no another. She won't let you be another her. She is out to get you. 

(Image source: various sites thru Google) 


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