22 October 2014

What if..... Happy endings, always!!

'What if' or 'The F Word' is a 2013 Irish-Canadian rom com based on play 'Toothpaste and Cigars' starring Daniel Radcliffe (akka Harry Potter) and Zoe Kazan.

Love is stupid monkeys dancing
In a slapstick hurricane!

We are nothing, but dancing light in the restless dream of a roasted pig!

This was the play of fridge magnet words - where the hero - heroine first met. There were so many cute things in the film like every cute romantic film should - the relation of Wallace with his nephew and sister, watching creepy gory horror films, first dinner with girl and her bf and her sister gone crazy, the doctor ex gf on high doses of coffee, the animation sequences and the fool's gold sandwich (read here - http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fool's_Gold_Loaf)! 

Their are hundreds of recipes if you google ( choose wisely) but the basic ingredients are baked buttered bread, full jars of jelly/ jam peanut butter and loads of bacon! 

Gross na!! And this sandwich is also somehow famous for the death of King of Rock - Elvis Prisley and his dead body's excreta. Further gross!! 

Also I learnt a new phrase, reference or do I say abuse - Finger banging!! So the movie was infested with quirk and weird trivia which made it cuter and something which film festivals chew on too. Chiclit but intelligent chiclit. Other than the not the conventional good looking hero heroine make it more real and less of fantasy.  

Have you ever wondered, why forlorn lovers enjoy empty rooftops! Probably for another blog topic!

So an out and out rom com and of course predictable. Boy meets girl who already has a BF. And of course the current BF turns out selfish who wouldn't follow her to the end of the world - Canada, Ireland and Taiwan.  And she is such a sweet girl who would not dump him till he gives her a reason because that's not what good girls do. 

So yes it's the obvious rehash romcom but watch it for all the cuteness and chemistry and madness!! And as for the F word - it could be friendship or fuck... and all the things that come before and after love!!!

(Image source: http://chewnibblenosh.com, elvisblog.net)

Happy Diwali folks!! Storywala wishes a laughter filled Diwali!!


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