13 October 2014

The Hand Story

You see these hands, actually hand, it's let's say someone's. Don't worry the other is the same. The mehandi though is not same. Definately a traditional Indian woman applying mehandi once in a while. Her hands are soft and shiny showing she come from a good well off family where she doesn't have to work with her hands so much. But then why is she traveling in a dirty shady taxi with that ugly loud garish floral print. Must be well off but not in big city probably middle class who prefers public transport but not hard ones taxi and autos not bus or train as much. 

But she seems modern. Look at the tattoo it's not the cheap mela one. It's a proper designer tattoo, specially chosen saying Jugni! She does try to make a statement but no one knows what! 

So who is the girl with the hand? 
Yes who is that girl! 
That's what I am wondering too!! 


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