21 October 2014

Lucy: Blonde turns Super Girl!

Lucy is a 2014 Hollywood film starring Scarlett Johansson and Morgan Freeman.

Imagine a brain at 100% capacity. Think of so many things you can do. This film just shows that - the list of things one can do with 100% brain capacity use is vast but the film keeps it limited to telepathy, telekinesis, time travel and some other things like...

1. Turn yourself into a pen drive.
2. To be able to remember every thing even the taste of your mothers milk in your mouth
3. To not feel pain, like you can get yourself operated on while talking to your mum on phone. What a grey idea, no anaesthesia. 
4. To be able to see invisible phone network lines and filter thru them to hear people's conversations with video of course
5. To be able to drive like a formula one racer with a hurdle track even if you never could even drive earlier
6. To read a research of 6000+ pages and call the researcher for help and showing him trucks to control phone, mobile and TV etc
7. To X-ray people's body with eyes or by feeling inside nerves by hugging/ touching them and tell them what to do for medical treatment
8. To work on laptops or laptops T super speed typing and researching and just surfing
9. To change the color of your hair and clothes as in camouflouge easily
10. To control people's body and movements blocking them creating barriers and flying them
11. To be able to stop bullets or just take them out of your body with hand insertions
12. To turn yourself into black liquified form of energy and speed around
13. To be able to see, hear or feel beyond doors and distances
14. To touch the person and tell his past or memory - clairvoyance indeed
15. To know how long you will live
16. Read the brain and find information through thoughts - telepathy indeed
17. Mental Time Travel from now to the early ape ancestors of humans

And the purpose of any living being is to pass on the knowledge thru reproduction or immortality. Now she was dieing and it's difficult to reproduce so fast. So she turns into a supercomputer and creates some sort of memory or flash drive gadget to store all she could learn and pass on to the scientists there. 

Interesting parts were when Lucy explained - the only unit of measure being time - nothing else, disintegration on destabilisation of cellular reproduction with alcohol consumption, Space time continuum and the purpose of knowledge! 

But the film flounders with its action sequences, unnecessary and clumsy. The villain and hero are stereotypes with not an iota if intelligence. They don't simply shoot, calling out 'Hey' before taking the shot in full filmy style. Lots of people killed and blood was everywhere but I am sure a brain working so much doesn't care about so much human lives lost. What matters is knowledge. 

So moral of the story - any 25 year old blonde can become a genius with a shot of drug. Not alcohol plain simple heavy dose drugs. Makes me wonder why drugs are banned, if they are so good for humans and evolution!!! Well science fictions can take fantasy to another level, something possible but in another world! 

I wonder when Scarlett Johansson's fascination with fantasy and darkness will end and she will do normal happy films. One can be a serious actor in any genre and she doesn't look serious but simply iron cold and artificial in these films. 


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