10 September 2014

The Zoya Factor

Why are all Chick Lits a rehash of Pride and Prejudice?

I have read all three books of Anuja Chauhan and all are rewriting of PnP although in a different setting each time - 

Battle of Bitora - Politics and politicians
Pricey Thakore Girls - News and journalists
Zoya Factor - Cricket and Advertising

The protagonists as in Mr Darcy and Ms Bennett are the same as Khoda, the Indian cricket captain (which seems very similar to Mr Dhoni) and Zoya the budding advertising exec (sort of like Ms Anuja's younger self). Everyone knows the happy ending any ways - the arrogant but handsome Mr Darcy, who could get any girl, eventually declares his head over heels love for the clumsy and confused Ms Bennett who has very low self esteem. 

The plot centres around the lucky mascot for India's biggest obsession Cricket, tagged to winning THE World Cup further combined with religion and Bollywood (the other two obsessions). Anuja further adds in a few jingles and rhymes from her advertising days, plus more masala with Delhi (Karol bagh) style humour and lifestyle, and there you have a full funny chick lit which will make you laugh as well feel romantic and all. What more can a girl ask for! 

For me it was a paisa vasool book the way a Salman Khan or Shah Rukh Khan film is for the Bollywood audience. It's a no brainer but then none of the chiclits or masala films are. No wonder this is being made into a film. Anyways enjoy the read and have a good laugh!! That's it!!


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