24 September 2014

Indigo by Satyajit Ray

Title: Indigo
Author: Satyajit Ray
Rating: 5/5

Reading Satyajit Ray was like feeling the warmth of winter sun in the backyard of my home back in North... 

Each story warms your heart softly and you feel you are reliving your childhood. It was as if someone holding your finger and in this case it is Satyajit Ray takes you through the scenes of your past when you were a child playing at the street corner with your friends, enjoying the comic books, making interesting discoveries, discussing trivial things as if they were wonders of the world.. It reminded me of my childhood days when I used to gorge on comic books one after the another reading all the fairy tales and children series especially fantasy and adventures..

Each story holds so much of my childhood like ‘Pikoo’s diary’ reminds me of my secret diary where I used to write of the happenings around me as a kid.. ‘Mr eccentric’ reminds me of how I was fascinated to collect all this strange but regular stuff from the roads & parks ... eating plants in ‘The Hungry Septomus’ reminds me of the chapter in my biology books and how the plants engulfed the flies who sat on them... ‘A Strange Night for Mr Shamsal’ reminded me of Ruskin Bond’s story where people had no faces and how someone had narrated this in the dead of night when all kids had gathered at someone’s house for a night out.. 

I wish I could have met Satyajit Ray in person, what a great and simple man at the same time. He can talk about adult emotions and complicated lives in the same simple manner as he talks about how children imagine and think. I must say he is a great addition to the list of Bengali literary figures. 

The only regret that I have is I didn’t know Bengali so I could read this & other books of his and watch the movie sin original language.. But nothing can stop me from reading the English Translations and the dubbed movies. Satyajit Ray definitely adds into one of my favourite authors.. and that too in my favourite genre of ‘Short Stories’.


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