26 August 2014

Quote Unquote

What does it mean? Let's interpret!

My two book buddies reacted so

Good one!yah that's how stories are made!

Super quote describes the raconteur in most of us some more needy than others so that those stories need to be told.

The interpretations can be so vast that you can spend your entire life and still can't figure out the meaning. 

This quote can be simply interpreted as the origin of stories. When never ended the "Once upon a time" started. Like zero  and numbers. You can't do anything with zero, it never really amounts to anything wether you apply it in front or in many. Whereas numbers can tell many stories. Like the world was a zero with nothing happening. But now so much is happening and it needs to be told. Like the rotation of earth, growing of trees, bees and birds, anything and everything is happening and it needs to be recorded, shared and told. 

It's as simple as life which is just a series of happenings. If you don't have events or incidents occur to you or just witness then there is no life. Even a dogs life has events food, walk, ball, bark, run, mate, die. So there are a million stories happening as we speak. In fact trillion or more. 

All artists and writers try to document these stories. From date of birth to medical records to hand prints to report cards to ratings to police records to a child's drawing to rangoli they all form the patterns and record of a story. Most of these happenin our lives or others and you can write brilliant stories with them. Any story in this world can start with Once upon a time! This is the beauty of these four words and like many other powerful short statements which can make or break lives. 

What would you call OUAT really. Is it a verb, noun, preposition or adjective. It's the beginning of the story of the time in reference. 

The second interpretation is about recantour and neediness. 

Recantour means a person who tells anecdotes in a skilful and amusing way. Aka Storyteller. Clearly Storywala. So this particular quote unquote refers to the needs of a stoyteller. When never ends there is never a lack of stories. From nothing of never to something of Once upon a time. Now Something is better than Nothing. Paradox. But then Jockey or Nothing!

So the tale of a storyteller is very long and taxing. One day I will tell you and it will NEVER start with Once Upon A Time. Because tales repeat themselves. It leaves a person and becomes anothers like a flying paper from one sky to another ground. In fact we might be living similar lives - we all get married, fall in love, have parents, etc etc. Rest of the story evolves and is told. 


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