07 July 2014

The Vigil and Other Stories

Title: The Vigil and Other Stories
Author: Gita V. Reddy
Rating: 4/ 5
Have you ever felt sad when a story ended, did you wish it to continue, last a little longer so that you can savor it's taste a little more. That's how I felt reading this beautiful compilation of short stories by Gita. The lives and characters from all the different sections of our vibrant and intriguing Indian society. Each story so real and grounded.
There are story tellers and there are narrators, there are illusions and there is reality. These stories narrate real life incidents but make you wonder the underlying stories of their characters and their lives. She takes you along when she visits each character and the incidents which make the story.
From a young pregnant woman in 'The Vigil', to an old grandmother in 'Time and Space', to a vulnerable wife in 'Open Court', a wife cheated in 'A Dangerous Bend' there are enough stories to satisfy the feminist palette. But there is more to this book than that, the quirkiness of 'Mr Krishnan', irony of 'Life and Death of Vishnu', the artist in 'The Square', each reader is sure to find a connect in each story.
I especially loved the following Short Stories:
Time and Space
Open Court
Mr Krishnan
The Life and Death of Shiva
A Dangerous Bend
Do read this, because there are stories everywhere, in all our lives, in everything we do, every time we think, and this book just proves that.


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