30 June 2014

Those Pricey Thakur Girls

Title: Those Pricey Thakur Girls

Author: Anuja Chauhan

Rating: 4/ 5

Anuja Chauhan is everything a chic-lit is known for - vivaciousness, tongue in cheek humor, smart Alec characters, girlie heart aches and makes, all the swooning, flirting, match making, etc, etc you get the gist. You will find stark similarities to Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice -

1) five daughters to be married

2) Ms Elizabeth, the second prettiest daughter who doesn't want to settle for the obvious

3) Mr Darcy kind of macho yet sensitive hero, who falls head over heels in love

4) string of misunderstandings and all the family drama

5) match making and relationship drama of other sisters

6) and a wedding in the end


Add to it the Indian context, 80s central Delhi background, limericks and short poems, and you have the lady version of Vikram Seth.


Anuja is definitely one of the most intelligent and sharp writers in India. She is fast paced, sharp, funny and rehashes the clichéd story of Pride and Prejudice in such a brilliant manner that Jane Austen looks ancient in comparison to her.


There were many points in the story where I started laughing out loud, wanting to share the joke with someone immediately. It's so wicked and ticklish that you can't not love the authentic  Delhi ka tadka with Delhi university, College akka St Stephens, Modern Barakhamba, Doordarshan oops Desh Darpan, Hailey Road and Connaught palace circle.


Yes she is not what you would call a literary genius or a deep thinker, but she is a sharp writer who can make you laugh your pants off. So do read it and have a good laugh. Here are some:

A Mangalorean lass abd a Rajput Kinght

Eloped one day on an Enfield Bike

There was no celebration

Which is an abomination

Thirty Years later, please help us put that right!



Tu maha xxx

Tu Kahan se aaya re?


Meri ma-ki-xxx

Mein wahan se aaya re!


Geetika Govil ke mammay mahaan

Unpe tika hai Hindustan

Young fold mountains, world's most high

I will climb them by and by!


Panties should be red,

Films should be blue,

Mr Gaur should make babies

With Mrs Mattoo

Wish to Buy Those Pricey Thakur Girls(paperback or ebook)


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