21 May 2014

One flew over the cuckoo's nest

Vintery, mintery, cutery, corn,
Apple seed and apple thorn,
Wire, briar, limber lock
Three geese in a flock
One flew East
One flew West
And one flew over the cuckoo's nest
Yes that's the film I am talking about.  Lunatic and looney houses,  have been used many a times by artists,  writers and film makers. This one shows the sensibility of the lunatics and the looney behaviour of the psychologists.  The subtle way of oppression called perfection rather than treatment,  confining there thinking rather than opening up and accepting life. 
Science has developed a lot but the human mind will always be a puzzle. Psychology is a vat subject and I have lot to learn,  but electric shock treatment and lobotomy is necessary.  Probably this is a bigger scientific and moral debate.
The most popular scene of the film is when Jack tries to uproot a hydrotherapy console and use it to break the window to escape. When he fails he says "Atleast I tried." This forms a very significant theme, we all are in a mess but there are only few who try to get out and only fewer who succeed. In the end his friend Bromden does uproot the console and breaks the window with it to escape. A message that there is an escape if you want to. Others are sleeping and when they see they feel that it's Jack who has finally made his escape. 
The film has some strong characters and the portrayals, a lot of actors say a lot by saying nothing.  The silent character actors with ample opportunity to act out a role of a life time.  Yes this is a non commercial art circle film.  You can watch it for 2 hours but you would need to discuss it for many more. Bollywood tried to make an Indian version with Kyonki but they messed it up with all the love story and heart break, after all the film should make money too,  who will come to watch a film with no love scenes and songs.
In summary a Good film which makes you wonder if all of us are a little looney
or is it better to be insane rather than sane in this queer world... Life is such, truly we all are on a flight over the cuckoos nest. 


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