10 May 2014

Peep in my head

I was driving back from office,  waiting at the last red light and the last turn to the final destination - home.  Lately I am only excited to get back home,  no other place really.  A dirty looking mad fellow passed by my car,  his clothes were dirty and torn, his face was black with soot. I upped my car windows - both sides. I like fresh air even if it is full of smoke and pollution.  I also pressed the Central lock button which I didn't need till recently.  It's like this, if you stay too late in office, when you drive back home there is no traffic or signals to stop.  A fast running car does not need Central Locking.  Anyways this mad fellow now stood towards the left side of my car and he started nodding his head with jerky nervousness.  I didn't know, to look or not to look.  I looked around to see if others were also looking at the silly man. I didn't see anyone,  most of them trapped inside their air conditioned cars with music,  those in public transport were so frustrated by the May heat of Mumbai, it felt they may also start jerking their head just to get some air.

What if the mad fellow caught me looking at him and he looked back at me. I started it so he can do it back. How can I stop him from doing this.  These mad fellows are always seeking attention, doing all weird things in public. Probably its a cry for help but all we do is be courteous and not stare.  It's rude you see,  mom's teach their children.  Seriously, they are people not entertainment. 

I waited for the light to turn Green stealing glances at the man.  What if he suddenly turns towards me and start banging on my car window. That would be more embarrassing.  Wait that could also be dangerous.  Green Green Green....ya finally... I pressed accelerator and reached home. Time for a nice refreshing bath and a walk in the windy parts of the society to dry my wet - just washed hair.  Won't that be bliss....

I walk calmly feeling the wind on my face. A man walks by talking to his hand,  another one runs or is it fast walking probably, while taking to his arm.  Another one was sitting there with his head bent left as if he was trying to feel his shoulders,  talking while lighting that nice cigarette before he got back home to a wife and two little children who he wouldn't want to harm with passive smoking, as for the rest of the world, who cares. 

They were all on their phone talking to people,  friends they hadn't met for ages and didn't know if they want to meet anytime soon,  bosses who were assigning work to be put on his office desk by morning 9 am, some important home delivery or sorting chores for the day,  or just their mom who is checking if they had their food,  how was the day and what plans for the future. Some are also typing while they are walking, they know all the dips and bumps on the path, learnt it by heart as they muti task with ease.

What is the difference between them and the mad fellow, they all are taking to people, only he is talking to the people in his head.

Peep in my head


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