19 April 2014


I love Wikipedia
Actually I love reading Wikipedia. I don't know how true it is, but the stories are so interesting, I want them to be true. I love reading the fictitious stories about people and their lives, events and their significance. From musicians, to actors, Hollywood-Bollywood, love and break ups, (scandals you see), religion and wars and politicians.

You know they say lies are to spice up life, they are so wrong yet tempting. But I think truth is more spicy and evil than lie. Like death is the truth, life is a lie. Truth has killed more people than lies. People lie to save themselves and when the truth is known they are killed. Don't believe me. So tell me, Is God truth? YES and that's why so many deaths in the name of God. Putting your own child to death to turn him into a messiah. The death is the ultimate truth.

The truths are ugly and deceptive, they allude and taunt. Lie never hurts anyone, it's the truth that hurts. News has brought more tears to eyes than films and fiction. The fall of the twin towers live on TV was something that made a lot of people cry and it still scares me. Whoever plotted that was a genius, an evil one for sure.

Wikipedia is my only source of fiction reading in office. A quick reference to a lot of things, random ones, leading to stories and facts, like who is that character in The 70s Show married to, or who are the people behind Abba, or SPB singing for Salman, or the holocaust or the formation of Calderas in Santorini Greece, etc etc.

I mostly forget things I read there, but some stay, like Doctor evil from Germany in World War ll, who experimented on Jews, separating or joining two conjoined twins, or trying to change color of the eyes of people, eventually blinding or killing them, or what was the fernando song of Abba based on, now I know it was liberty and some freedom fight. The conspiracy theories, the childhood of Sridevi, or the history of India, Khajuraho, Vatsyana, Ahmedabad, or Andeman. The places I never could visit I can find them on Wikipedia. The trivia so infectious and so unnecessary that you have to share it with someone. Like how Barney is actually gay and he is crazy about women in his role in HIMYM or the latest film of Kangana Ranauat or how the GDP of India is $1.8 trillion but much lesser than the big guys, but we are growing and will be on top by 2025 or the death of Divya Bharati and the secret behind Uncle Scrooge's latest adventure. I have read it all and I have loved reading it all. The facts, the tidbits, the stories, the lives, the trivia, all of it spices my day.

The first page showing the featured article, like today I learnt there is a plant in Australia which looks like a Pom Pom, it has flowers too. The latest news articles, or the past historical events on this day, or the bonus picture of the day which I always roll down to watch. 

If your name is on Wikipedia you are already a celebrity, from Obama to one film wonder Niharika Singh, there is a page on each one. Starting with a brief summary, to birth and childhood, early life, to middle age, personal life, marriage and family, and death or old age, the list of achievements, the public opinion and the media, the list of films, songs, books or awards. This is the standard personality format. 

There  is not even a mention of me, may be a Neha  Dhupia or Neha Sharma but not me. I haven't done anything to achieve a mention. Basically I have never done anything so interesting in life. A life so full of truth, there is no scope for lies. A lie so devoid of crazy and weird that it needs no mention in the Wikipedia. No one will read it. 

Hmmmmm, now that's food for thought.


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