11 April 2014


The title of this story is Document - An original or official paper relied upon as the basis, proof, or support of anything else, including any writing, book, or other instrument conveying information pertinent to such proof or support (Source: Wikipedia).

We all have seen documents. The first time, I wrote documents was in my new job as a comp expert with a Bank. Note that banks are highly regulated and mostly bigotic about documentation. Everyone for the 90% of their working day is documenting. Documenting trades, documenting money or just documenting emails. Tons of paperwork and usage of multiple software all to achieve the limitless yet limited documentation.

They document their instructions, their orders, their feelings, their intelligence, their jokes, their anger,
their random thoughts, their small disappointments and their meanness, their escalations, their closures, their anger,
their competition, their acknowledgments their timepass, their forwards, their chats, their anger
Yes that's what we generally do in office, but that's not how I first found my writing skills. Now what does a comp expert do, except some big time compensation analytics. Who do you think makes the employee letters which were mainly about compensation terms and conditions of employment. Who is the custodian of these documents, the compensation team and of course Legal. They protected firms against labor and other legal suits which mostly Banks are prone to. They always do.

Anyways I wrote and reviewed one document after another but never ever wrote anything creative. To come to think of it there was creativity in drafting and reviewing these documents. These people are the true Word Masters, creating traps in every sentence sometimes to protect, sometimes to attack, and always getting their prey. I did that job and I hated it because it was quite critical, each and every word was twisted and turned, active and passive, long and short, prompt or confusing. Yes that's the documentation I am taking about.
So anyways here is where I learnt documentation and believe me it was crappy, limited and not free flowing at all. The documentation is bound by dimensions and formats and bullets and bolds. It's not a story. It's an instruction. It's a warning. It's a date. It's a trap. It's an offence. It's a defense. It's a cage. It's a burden. It's a handcuff. It's scary. It's destiny or it's a choice.

And that's when I started writing creatively on my own using the traditional MS.doc and MS. Outlook as my platforms. A clean paper, a clean slate and I kept writing and writing. And now, I can't stop writing. Yes that's the beauty of it. The beauty of documentation without boundaries, the diary, the blog, the short stories, the letters, the emails, the book reviews, the WIP novels, the creative world is calling me with open arms. 

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Image credits: Cartoonstock, glasbergen


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