23 March 2014


Proper wife
He walks up to her and asks,
"So how much, to come with me?"
"Me, me, (she looks around making sure he is talking to her)
I don't know
Why apply Much to money,
Why would you pay me money,
Ohhhhh!!! Are you thinking, what I am thinking, you are thinking?
Ohhhh baddddd very badddddd badddddd badddddd bbbbb
I don't need money to do that, as in
I am married and we don't exchange money, 
although we do favors to each other but not money. We fight over money and the lack of it but we don't exchange it. 
We are equals you see. We do 50:50 everything from grocery to home, everything it's 50:50 life shared. 
You see, I am a PROPER WIFE. "
He walks away, as far as he can.


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