05 February 2014

Comiccon Comiccon

If you have grown up reading Comics rather than Nancy Drew or Famous Five, then you would understand the magic and charisma of Comiccon - the ultimate call for the Comic lovers around the world, to get together and live, and relive the days of their childhood. It's very recent in India but it's already going places with Delhi, Bangalore and Mumbai running their chapters every year. 
Iron Man

Comics remind me of the childhood memories, awesome hours of visual wizardry, cute cartoon characters, constant tussle of Super Heroes and Super Villains or just plain simple comical fun with jokes, pranks and quips. Comic lovers extend beyond the daily dose of comic section in the newspaper, spending all their pocket money on nothing but comics, awaiting their monthly editions, fighting with their Mums not to give their stock to Kabadiwala and saving it forever as a collectible, and if they ever grow up they can still participate in the Comicon and Cospaly (Costume Play) to savor the childhood days once again.

There are various comic genres, extending from the world of
Superman – Batman - Spiderman,
to Tinkle, Chanda Mama, Champak, Amar Chitra Katha,
to Archies – Asterix – Tintin,
to Star wars – Star Trek,
to Chacha Choudhury – Pinky - Billu,
to Nagraj - Dhruv
and many more…

These were the popular comics from my Generation Y, which I have lived and loved. Comicon had many others, mainly from Gen Z and Millennial, which I wasn't familiar with. Latest Hollywood trend of Superhero films has made sure that all the American imports are a household name with Hulk, Iron Man, Batman, Spiderman, Superman present everywhere.

Watch out for the overload of fun, as I take you thru the crazy glimpses of Cosplay and ComicCon in Mumbai on 21 December 2013.

Stunts of Batman and Ninja Hattori with Vendetta and GI Joe as audienceThey were up to some fancy stunts both on and off the stage (thankfully none of them got hurt 
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (with their Mini Mouse GFs, how cute!)
Iron Man (who incidentally also won the Cosplay, the effort is quiet visible)
But comics are not a domain of the Heroes only, sometimes Super villains are more revered. Crazy scientists, failed chemical mutations, alien warlords, with their villainous laughter, evil plans and the desire to rule the world - you have to admit Bad Guys are intriguing. I have my favorites too – Joker from Batman, Megamind, Loki the God of Mischief and Raka from Chacha Choudhary.
Scarecrow (Batman)
Emperor (Star Wars)

Ventriloquist (or Billy doll from film 'Saw')
If you think Comiccon is a Boy Toy, then you need to see this. The girls were giving the boys a very tough competition and winning it too.
Lady Loki
Tank Girl
Princess Leia (Star Wars)
Granny (Hello Tweety!)
Princess Bubblegum (Adventure time)
Marceline, the Vampire Queen(Adventure time)
And Comiccon became a family affair with
Adams Family
Dr Who and the Gang
Pirate Deadpool with his comic family
This Baby Batman was too cute!!
AND there were stalls to please the quirky collector and shopper in you!!

But then, again Comiccon, missed the desi tadka. Last year there were stalls on Nagraj and Amar Chitra Katha. But this year there was nothing but mainly foreign imports of cartoon characters, anime, Bollywood theme kitschy stuff and Made in China goods. There were no stalls of Raj or Diamond Comics. I just wished that Indian comics get a deserving platform to showcase the indigenous talent and storytelling skills. Comiccon is a big forum and the world of Indian comics needs to rise from back alleys and use it to spread its wings. Also, I would get to relive my childhood days and comic characters – Chacha Chaudari, Sabu, Raka, Biloo, Pinky, Lot Pot, Chanda Mama, Champak, Chandan, Dhruv and Nagraj. The only Indian character I saw was Suppandi from Tinkle and posters of TV serial Lot Pot.
Motu Patlu

But I couldn't figure out who these were, so merely guessing!! Some sort of Viking, Gi Joe or Sun Boy?

Finally, a special note of acknowledgement for the Cosplay Host – Vijay Sinha, he was quirky, smart, witty and fun!! Just the way, Comics should be!!
Vijay Sinha - Cosplay Host
and finally us posing with the two hunks!!
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