21 January 2014

Genres of Bloggers

Recently I found IndiBlogger, I searched for interesting blogs, build my network and share some likes. Over this journey, I found some, some similarities, differences, trends, clichés, exceptions, stories, memories, voices, renditions, hard hitting or mocking voices. And a mix of emotions - happy, amused, tickled, wowed, disappointed, irked, bored and what not… If I was overreacting that’s how I would:
Blogging is one thing and IndiBlogging is another… a different breed of blogging in itself. Basically you can divide the IndiBloggers in the following broad categories:

1. Critics - Bibliophiles, filmy buffs, arty-farty, culture aficionados. They sing, they dance, watch plays, discuss films, read and review, anything and everything in the entertainment space. Now which blogger in India does not watch films or read books, and blogging per se is another form of composition and creativity, so fits the bill perfectly. And it's also easier to critique other's work than create one of your own and author requested reviews can give you free book copies too.

2. Man blogger Sorry for being gender bias, but like engineering colleges or sports fields are considered MALE domains, similarly all sports, gadget reviews, financial wisdom, business, scientific and technical blogs fall into this category. There is a small percentage of women who stand out, but their advice mainly comes from their experiences in bargain shopping or smart home ideas. So, do not confuse wisdom with men, because that's what women do, in the next category.
Man Thing

3. Home Buddies – The categories of makeup, beauty, cooking, baking, hairdos, fashion designing, home decor and of course motherhood. These are sometimes ex-career women who are now living a fulfilling life as a home maker and mother or they are aspiring divas and social butterflies, who have an opinion on what's best when it comes to being a woman. A very romantic breed they find love in everything around them i.e. their kitchen, their cupboard, their dressing table, their baby cot, their ever busy husbands and their "happy homes". The days of playing with dolls and ghar ghar are over, but you can continue the game in the virtual world as adults.
Barbie Doll House

Most of these blogs seem to be straight out of a child's fantasy book – smell of baking from the kitchen, laughter of children from the garden, dirty hands from planting that Tulsi, collection of heirlooms and family jewels spread on the dressing, sunshine filtering thru the Money plant hung on the balcony… simply dream like.. I wonder if these homes actually exist. Why would you waste time to blog, if you had such a beautiful life to live ;))
Blah Blah Blah

4. Got a camera, will travel – These two kind of go hand in hand, you travel so you photograph, you photograph so you travel. You see a good shot, you click it , you post, make a statement, get a lot of likes, does the job. The secret is the visual appeal, like the old adage "A Picture is Worth a 1000 words."
Travel & Click

And travel, it's fun right. Well no one wants to hear about the work woes, as to how you drag yourself to the daily corporate drudgery and dream about the weekends, when you can travel again.

No I don't want to go back

5. Pundits They have an opinion on everything, from the politics, poverty, bribery, corruption, economy, wars, hunger, racism, scandals, safety of women, page 3, trivia and everything else in the world. Some people go beyond the usual statement, using brilliant tools of sarcasm, satire, storytelling and analogy to reaffirm the power of communication.
Itchy in mouth

We are a democracy with a right to freedom of speech – and of course blogging comes under preview of that democratic right. These opinions have to be strong, to be an eye catcher, aarrr I mean eye opener. You can't play safe if your mission is to change lives and make this world a better place.

Aaahhh a Story
6. Puppy lovers – Simply dog lovers, you will find them in abundance. They may not hug their fathers or cuddle their moms, snuggle with their siblings, or PDA with their spouse, but they can do all of this and much more with their dogs. I find dog lovers very needy people. Looking for unconditional love, their only condition someone should love them unconditionally. So they believe dogs are wise and love unconditionally. Wisdom is questionable, but for love, give the dog a bone a day and he would love you for sure. I often wonder what's with this puppy love, is it my problem or theirs.
Sometimes these bloggers, shift their genres to write on a current topic or a specific promotional contest. It could be for the accolades or the accompanied moolah. Like the traveler will suddenly write about how her hair and the hair dos needs to be energized while she travels the world, or how the gadget lover suddenly feels that he needs to state his opinion on the political state of this country.
But the blogs which I love the most are those where the author adds a personal touch, a memory, an anecdote or a keepsake from his or her personal life. The visualization, familiarity and warmth in the story makes a strong connect with me. This is where I have built my space in the blogging world. Yes I too dabble among the above listed genres from time to time, adding an expression of myself, my life, my journey, with the Storywala and Keepsakewala.
Narcissism<br/><a href="http://oi46.tinypic.com/2difuv7.jpg" target="_blank">View Raw Image</a>
So blogging is nothing but a slice of Narcissism –
my voice, my opinions, my memories, my love, my story, my agenda, my audience, my blog.
<<Image Source: Tinypic>>
All in good humor, folks nothing personal. 


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