13 November 2013

Between The Assassinations: Adiga Again!

Another well written book by Aravind Adiga – a master story teller who does it with such an ease without the need for exclamation marks and long descriptions. His style of storytelling is simple – the way it should be – the way it happened. He takes simple characters from our normal daily lives and tells their stories like they would normally.

A small Indian city of Kittur, and its range of characters, moving from one landmark to another dating between one Gandhi's assassination to another. They are no heroes, but caught in circumstances and drudgery of life emerging as protagonists – good or bad, naive or cunning, complicated yet simple. Each story is refreshing, original and still leaves you with a feeling that you are aware of this story probably you read it somewhere in the corner of a newspaper. So what makes them special because they are told to you as if they are real, like these characters are telling them in first person and not through a narrator or a third party.

Adiga's quality of writing is such that it can even show the most wrong person as probably right, a vicious, intentional murder can also become necessary and inevitable, the most unassuming person can suddenly be the hero - the achiever. The stories carry a message more than we can understand and I only wish I had written at least one of them.

Must Buy Between The Assassinations


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