10 September 2013

When the Signal Turns Red: Old school Bollywood

The book seems to be inspired by an incident in the author's life which probably meant a lot for him but makes less for a plot. If we were in the 70s it would have been a very entertaining family drama – like a Rishikesh Mukherjee comical family caper minus the comic moments. With this book review I have tried my hand at being a script writer and I hope they employ me if they ever make a film of it...

Scene 1:

Beta (Boy): Maa-Baba apki tapasya aur ashirwaad se main avval number main pass ho gaya hoon, aur meri ek achi company main Naukri bhi lag gayi hai

Ma -Baap: Shabash beta, hamein tim pe garv hai ki tum apne pairon par khade ho gaye

Beta: To apki sehmati ho to main apni man pasand ladki se shaadi kar sakta hoon

Ma - Baap: Haan beta tumhari khushi msin hi hamsri khushi hai

Scene 2 

Ma - Baap: Hum chahte hain ki apki beti hamsri ghar ki bahu van jaye Ladki ke

Daddy (Girls' Daddy is a khoosat ex-army man who makes for a villain + comedian of the film) Kyon nahin, par mere kuch swaalon ka jawab dijiye. Kya apke bete ke paas achi Naukri hai?

Ma - Baap: Jee haan. A1 company main

Daddy: kya apke paas hamare jaisa bada ghar hai?

Ma - Baap: Jee haan..

Daddy: Ok, then am glad to have my daughter's hand to your boy

Ma - Baap: Sagaai ki date fix kar dete hain

Scene 3: 2008 global financial crisis which has led to recession, falling stock markets, cost cutting and loss of jobs. This is no less than the earthquake that hits the filmi extended family, separating the loved ones and causing memory loss. In this case Daddy ji turns enemy and forgets the love for his daughter and breaks the rishta of his daughter with the jobless boy. He then invites old friends Mr and Mrs Powar and their son Junior Pawar (dunce) for engagement with his daughter. He always knew Army man would make a good husband for his daughter. Daughter is grounded and tagged by bodyguards so that the boy does not dare to come close.

Mr - Mrs Powar: Kitni khushi ki baat hai, hamari dosti ab rishte main badal jayegi

Daddy: Yes am glad about it. Daughter you must like this boy because you are getting married to him.

Daughter still pines for the first boy and tries various schemes to get rid of the new boy. Meanwhile the Boy tries Jugaad for the job and miraculously gets one as a backup plan. But this isn't enough, he needs more to get rid of the new boy and win the heart of his future father in law.

Now who will help him to get his girl? Guess guess...

Well I have already played enough of a spoiler...but this one is a clincher... It's no one but our very own FACEBOOK. And They lived happily ever after...

Ha ha ha... Seriously.... you ask…  

To find out details you should read the book... Come on its a light read.. You can do it... Its shorter than the 3 hour long Bollywood films and cheaper too... Another spoiler on the title of the book - it's kind of unrelated to the plot though there is one scene but not much to be the overall title. 

Jayanand makes a good attempt at writing and that too some event which mattered to him. Most of the first novels are autobiographical, so its okay to dramatize your life's small events. I hope next time he writes something different and unusual. I still support him because I know writing from the heart is a tough job and readers' opinions hurt but that should make you take their words, mince it well and add it as a fervor to your pen. All the best Jayanand for your next attempt.

Wish to Buy When the Signal Turns Red


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