31 July 2013

Palace of Illusions - Mahabharata retold, this time by a woman

 Mahabharata through the eyes of its most controversial character - Panchali or Draupadi.. Its an interesting take.. and Chitra Banerjee through her master story teller stroke has done a fair justice to it.

Although at times she turns Panchali into a more complex character then she could be. Probably she was just a simple woman with no idea of her significance in history & how she gets caught in the midst of the biggest events in Indian history and how her decisions shape lives of all her loved ones & the greatest heroes of India.. she does have a big role in shaping India how it is today but probably she did it unaware. Chitra Banerjee creates a lot of mazes & webs around Draupadi and portrays as to how she knew everything & still chose to do. How she had affections for Karan as though 5 sons of Kunti were not enough.. I really doubt that could be possible. Her bond with Krishna is undoubtable, and her love for Pandavas is doubtful.
A lot of myths & folk tales have emerged from Mahabharat, Chitra brings her own take on them and Mahabharta revolves around Panchali and her fancies. I would advise all those who like to have their own take on mythology & taste the fast, enamouring, revealing style of Chitra's writings.. She is definitely an exceptional writer with some amazing new interpretations of the events of the history. 
Must-Must Buy Palace of Illusions(paperback or ebook)

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