08 July 2013

Oleander Girl

Oleander Girl Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni returns to her home turf Kolkata with this book and she creates the city, characters and story beautifully in her book.

Oleander girl has mystery, romance, family, history, heritage, emotions, business, politics and scandal but what it has the most is the magic of Chitra Banerjee. The feelings reach a different level when she explains the love, the fights, the misunderstandings, and the understandings between two lovers. Love becomes eternal, beautiful and growing in her books. Its not restrictive and painful - its acceptance and understanding. She shows us love of all different generations with Mr & Mrs Roy, Mr & Mrs Bose and finally Rajat and Karobi. 

But the most beautiful thing about her books is that you will see a glimpse of your life in all the characters. The game of love, trust, distance and family between Rajat and Karobi, is not so distant as it reminds the early stage of my own relationship. The loving grandmother of Karobi reminded me of the bond I had with my grandmother. The love of Pia for her poor Muslim driver reminded me of the loving family driver who worked for us, amused us and took care of us when we were kids. 

Each nuance of the book is so beautifully woven like weaving crochet with silken thread. That's why I love Chitra's books. They are a part of our soul.   

Must Buy Oleander Girl


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