15 July 2013

Fifty Shades: HATE to LOVE it

In 2012 I started with a NUMBER target of books and struggled through it – happily. Some books were a joy and some were just horrible.. I just regretted picking them ever.. and it happened even with the most popular books going around. The hype and noise around tempts, you need to find out what the big deal is about, you pick the first part hesitantly, read it only to be left confused, your decision is not conclusive, it's a half-baked view,  so you pick up the other parts and slowly the realisation dawns on you - You have been FOOLED.
I can count 100 things which I hated about it – cheesy mushy gushy scenes between Grey and Anastasia – “Ohhh he is too good looking for his own good, Ohhh..the look he gives me could be solely responsible for global warming, Ohhhh.. you are so beautiful Anastasia Ohhh.. you are so handsome Christian, Ohhh.. you are mine Anastasia, Ohhh.. yes Christian I am all yours.” And then they have sex. All this was ok in the first part.. But then I couldn’t bear page after page of this... the repetitive behaviour, the obvious events, the psycho characters.. it’s just crazy nothingness. The mushy just gets Pushy – a mix of Mills and Boons, Letters to penthouse and kinky stuff – there you have 50 Shades of Grey.
You know I got the point of obsessive personality and kinky sex now can we focus on the story and the plot. In fact even the intimate scenes got boring and repetitive after sometime. But the most disappointing was the ending – it was like burger and steak with fries on the side. Seriously disappointing. The entire book could have worked for me even with the mushy romance, bear hug family love & kinky parts – only if the ending could have been a little twisted. A story with shades of grey – seems out of place with a rosy ending.
And finally why do you need a trilogy of books running in over 1000 pages when you can finish it in max 200 pages but for the monetary benefit of publishing industry. The book could have been very well made into a film and you would have spent lesser time and effort to watch it. The recent trend of packaging books in parts/ trilogies is working so well for the publishing firms on the basic principle of - you have tasted the blood and you now want more. Just because you want something doesn't mean it’s good. Have you ever felt that you actually felt on reading a bad book. Well that’s what happened with me ‘The Fifty Shades of Grey – The Trilogy’. It was a bad book but I felt like reading it. I hated it or did I love to hate it. It was not my stuff but still I read it. It was badly written but then why is it so popular. Here are my two bits on a book which I love to hate or hate to love.


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