15 July 2013

Chocolate Lovers' club

What is perfect recipe for a chick book – girl friends, love issues, scandals, and clubs and of course chocolates! ‘Chocolate’ since their invention has been NUMBER ONE on the Emergency recluse. It takes care of all women problems - sugar rush, depressions, hormonal swings, nervous breakdowns, break ups, dumping, cheatings, venting and of course sex. There is no better and safer substitute or trick in the book to instant happiness and relaxation. Barring the only side effect of gaining pounds, ironically another fret issue of women.
Its not the kind of book which I read often but then a girl needs her chocolate occasionally...
So what happens when a bunch of women with their common love for chocolate, weekly quota of problems and boredom come together - ‘The Chocolate Lovers' Club’. Four women from all sorts of backgrounds – rich - poor, single – married, ambitious – homely, charitable – cunning, toned – fat, etc, meet up regularly to share chocolate flavoured drinks and goodies and in time get tangled or involved in each other’s mess. They complain, brood, vent, advise, discuss, confess, gossip, plot and execute their lives over high doses of chocolates. Story moves on characters enter and exit, they reach their respective happy endings and intervals. It's a light read which will be surely enjoyed by women and chocolate lovers.
In summary I shall quote from 'Forrest Gump'
 “Life is like a box of chocolates: You never know what you're gonna get.” so enjoy it while it lasts..


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