07 February 2013

Wanee and Junah

Wanee & Junah is a 2001 South Korean film directed by Kim Yong-gyun.

I have seen many films and so called romantic  ones. But I never knew what is a romantic film till I saw this movie. Its as simple a a boy and a girl and their love. There are not many dialogues, drama or twists.

Its just a simple love story of you and me. I think the director and story-writer have done a wonderful job showing how it would have happened. Not for one second I could stop smiling. The soulful music, the characters, the actors, the real life dialogues and happenings. This is how relationships evolve and small moments to cherish occur.

Its what you call cute and romantic. Its how all of us want our love story to happen and this is how most stories happen. Most films revolve around searching and mending love. This was just feeling it. Some moments in this film are so cute especially the childhood and animation ones that you feel you are falling in love once again.

So true when you break up with someone - you miss their smell the most. Small things those little thoughtful things they did like keeping TV on when you come to an empty house, walking you home from office everyday. Aahhh this is bliss. Yes this is love.

I did read somewhere that I need to watch World Movies to fuel my creativity. Nothing can be truer than this. Some of the classic films are made across the world. I watched 'Wanee and Junah' with sub-titles but the soul of the film touched me more than any film I have seen in English or Hindi.

Watch it because you are missing something in your life if you haven't watched it. Probably it should be one of those 100 things to do before you die or 100 films to watch before you die. One day I will publish my list but there is still time to watch and time to live but there is very less time to love.. so love and love and love...
<<Image Credit: mangpong.com; popscreen.com>>


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