02 December 2012

The White Tiger

From the Darkness

There are always two sides to each coin, each decision, each person and each story but when it comes to RIGHT & WRONG there are no two sides to it.. like once somebody told me that not all things are Black or White there is a shade of Grey to all.. Hence if you try to be judgmental and puritanical while reading ‘The White Tiger’ then you would never figure out the book.

The White Tiger is a racy, thrilling, & stark naked narrative of a man who breaks the shackles of poverty, servant-hood, family and conscious caring for nothing but freedom. For most of us he wouldbe a cold bloodied murderer, a tiger kills forfood or defense, but this one kills for greed & power. But how do you expect someone who has lived all his life in darkness, like a slave for the rich, battered & killed on their whims, puppets in the hands of politicians & the influential.. to start valuing life & morals, loyalty & truthfulness. There is no conscious to hold on to, no one to guide & care but the only other choice to sacrifice themselves on the altar of family & survival.. there would be no lottery or miracle to bring them out of the gutters.. their only way to come up is to take the short-cut.

But you will argue WHY MURDER?? WHY?? Well some questions don’t have an answer, and some acts don’t have a turning back, and whether he robbed or murdered his punishment would be the same.. and he needed to do it.. go all the way.. never to feel guilty or an option of coming back.... just never..

Arvind Adiga’s attempt at the murderer’s narrative & justification is very fresh & set in the modern times.. based on the news articles we read on every day basis where a servant slit master’s throat or strangled them for greed. We tch tch our tongues sadly after reading such news and move on to the next piece of news. But there is always a second side to this story and this is where ‘The White Tiger’ comes. Read it because how you would react to the next such news could be different...

Must Buy The White Tiger


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