05 November 2012


A Curry of Pictures
didn't like it it was ok really liked it really liked it it was amazing

Starting form comics a picture book has always been a fascinating thing for me. As you grow up you mature from dramatic comics to real life fiction and when you get fiction with pictures, you can enjoy best of both worlds. So in line of Persepolis, embroideries, book thief, etc I had been wanting to read Kari.
But post reading I wish I hadn’t. Its random, its abstract, there is no start, no end, no flow, no plot, no story, no events, its just some pictures drawn over a few days in the life of a woman which have been joined together with dialogues. It tries to jump from one strong them to another, like lesbianism, chaotic city life, fickleness of relationships, having imaginary friends, proximity to death, illicit sadness of life and suicides.
The randomness tries to be a picture version of JD Salinger’s ‘Catcher in the Rye’ but nothing of these stir any emotions or touch a chord with the reader. So overall not such a great book, and if there were no pictures I wouldn’t have gone even beyond the first page.

Wish to Buy Kari


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